Hier is niks! Ga Weg! Health heart health center search heart health center reduce risk heart disease related conditions share free heart health center newsletter! Sign up discuss in my forum rheumatic heart disease by richard n. blue pill looks like viagra Fogoros, m. D. , about. Com guide updated november 12, 2011 about. Com health's disease and condition content is reviewed by our medical review board see more about: rheumatic heart disease rheumatic valve disease rheumatic mitral valve rheumatic aortic valve rheumatic heart disease is the most dreaded complication of rheumatic fever. The term "rheumatic heart disease" refers to the chronic heart valve damage that can occur after a person has had an episode of acute rheumatic fever. buy cialis online This valve damage can eventually lead to heart failure. natural viagra nepal Read more about rheumatic fever - its causes, treatment and prevention. Acute rheumatic fever often produces inflammation of the heart (carditis). This carditis affects virtually all parts of the heart - the pericardial, or exterior, surface of the heart (pericarditis); the heart muscle itself (myocarditis); and the endocardial, or interior, surface of the heart (endocarditis). The endocarditis seen in acute rheumatic fever may set off a more chronic process that can eventually produce heart valve damage. cheap cialis online In other words, it can produce rheumatic heart disease. cialis for sale Once rheumatic valvular disease begins, it tends to continually worsen over time. Repeated episodes of rheumatic fever can accelerate the deterioration of the heart valves. (it is worth noting that the endocarditis seen in rheumatic fever is different from "infectious endocarditis," since in rheumatic fever the endocarditis is not caused by a direct bacterial infection of the heart. Rather, the endocarditis in rheumatic fever is caused by an autoimmune process that affects many parts of the body in addition to the heart, and is triggered by a reaction to the streptococcal bacteria in strep throat. ) rheumatic heart disease ends up affecting about half the people who have rheumatic fever with carditis. Most of the time, rheumatic heart disease is diagnosed 10 to 20 years after being "triggered" by acute rheumatic fever. genericcialisonlinebigdiscounts.com What cardiac problems are seen with rheumatic heart disease? all natural herbal viagra Mitral valve disease is the most common cardiac problem seen in rheumatic heart disease. In rheumatic heart disease, the mitral valve becomes laden with heavy deposits of calcium, which disrupt the normal function of the valve. cialis professional Because of these heavy calcium deposits, the valve often fails to open completely (a condition called mitral stenosis). generic cialis price The same calcium deposits can also prevent the valve from closing completely, leading to mitral regurgitation (a "leaky" valve). So, people with rheumatic mitral valves often have both mitral stenosis and mitral regurgitation. Aortic valve disease is also common in rheumatic heart disease. viagra 20 mg effetti collaterali Aortic valve damage is also caused by calcium deposits that di. directions for viagra 20mg